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    Pilates by the Green was founded in 2003 by husband and wife team Suneeta & Tarun Chadha, both of whom qualified at the renowned Body Control Pilates centre in central London. The current location in Hampstead Garden Suburb was opened in 2006.

    Suneeta found Pilates through her classical dance and fitness background, and has been teaching Pilates since the 90’s. Tarun, an experienced martial artist, found Pilates through a serious back injury. Pilates was the main trigger to get him back into martial arts.

    “We like to think of the studio as a little enclave in the suburb. Our aim is to be as welcoming and friendly as possible. It’s important to us that, initially, you dont feel intimidated by all the equipment and principles of Pilates. Then, as you continue with Pilates, to feel part of the studio, to feel valued, and importantly to see that you are progressing.

    Pilates is about precision, but its also about movement. Our aim is to get you moving: quickly, safely and with control.

    Weve never subscribed to ‘handing out programmes, preferring to teach rather than watch! The benefit to you is that in this way you have an instructor constantly fine-tuning your movements so that you progress at the right level, and you also get a different workout every time you come!”