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    Suneeta ChadhaSuneeta Chadha

    I have been teaching Pilates for over 10 years now and qualified at the renowned Body Control Pilates Association when it was still in its infancy. This is my second studio, and was opened in 2006. Previously I had a studio in a large physiotherapy clinic, where I gained most of my experience in rehabilitation and remedial work.

    I trained in Classical Ballet in my early 20’s, and have always been interested in fitness and movement. After University, I moved to London and worked as an aerobics teacher and personal trainer. I wanted to find a form of exercise that would benefit all bodies and involve more focussed body movement, and so, I found Pilates.

    I live in Muswell Hill with my husband and daughters

    Tarun ChadhaTarun Chadha

    I was a serious martial artist until fairly recently; sparring competitively, teaching in my free time and involved with my National Association. However, I have suffered back pain for as long as I can remember and sustained a serious back injury in 1998.

    Pilates got me back into training, and though it was the exact opposite of what I thought exercise should be, I saw the benefit of the discipline of controlled and intelligent movements. Pilates allowed me 10 more years of high impact martial arts that I feared were gone forever.

    It is this experience of being able to continue what I loved most that drives the way I teach pilates. My passion is to get people better and to get them to do activities they think are beyond them. It’s far more rewarding than the sales job I had in the City.

    Carol SehatCarol Sehat

    I initially came to Pilates as a student of the method in the 1990’s. In 2004 I left my job in the City to train to become a Pilates practitioner.

    I’m a member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Post Natal Instructors - a non-profit making organisation which promotes the teaching of specialised pregnancy and post natal exercise. I also hold a Diploma in Nutrition.

    I believe that Pilates is the ultimate form of exercise to help strengthen, lengthen and tone the body and is also an invaluable tool to assist during rehabilitation.

    I’m currently studying Hatha Yoga with Simon Low of Triyoga. The depth of knowledge gained from this course is proving to be a valuable asset in my teaching of Pilates as both disciplines require an understanding of each body’s individual needs and requirements.

    Emma KennyEmma Kenny MA, BA Medicine; CFA; Pilates Cert.

    I began practicing Pilates in 2003 having suffered minor back problems for several years. In 2006 I opted to leave a 10 year career in investment banking for a healthier lifestyle, and subsequently decided to train as a Pilates Instructor. I trained at Pilates International in London where I gained my certification as a Level 3 instructor and NVQ. I studied medicine at Cambridge University, a background which gives me a particular interest in rehabilitative Pilates. I’m a keen traveller and have spent a lot of time in South America, including living & working in Argentina.

    Simone HorwitzSimone Horwitz

    I started learning Pilates at this studio in 2008 after being told to stop all high impact sport due to multiple sites of arthritis: knees, neck and hands. Pilates was a saviour and it was an easy decision to train to be a teacher when the opportunity arose in 2010. I apprenticed at this studio and qualified at Body Control Pilates in London with honours.

    I have always been keen on health and fitness and was once an Olympic squad gymnast, so I understand the pressures the body can be put under. Pilates is a way to make beneficial changes to your life without having to cut out anything that you enjoy.

    I strive to teach our clients how to re-align their body and strengthen their core without having to think about it, making it fun, so that it becomes a natural process within their everyday life. I hope that Pilates can help you as much as it helped me.

    Kami ChavdarovaKami Chavdarova

    Coming from a family of a sports player, a father- professional footballer, and a mother, a medical nurse, I have been exposed to physical activity and the wellness and medical side of it. I have also played basketball all through school.

    Seeing Joseph Pilates effortlessly upright at 80 has encouraged me to practice Pilates and then train as a teacher. I have completed my training with the renowned Alan Herdman. My training has involved both classical Pilates for non-injured people and remedial. Having anatomy lectures thought by a physiotherapist has also added to my knowledge of body mechanics.

    I like to give my clients a work out which would make them feel a positive change in their body. Alignment, breathing and movement is my focus when teaching dynamic or remedial work.

    Roland Stimpson

    I started as a personal trainer and came to discover pilates after injury.  Once I began taking classes I was hooked and then went on to train at Polestar  Pilates to become a teacher.

    I come from a martial arts background and practice Brazilian jiu jitsu so I find Pilates indispensable for  keeping  the body balanced, integrated and for rehabilitating the body.  I very much enjoy  helping others discover better posture and sharing my enthusiasm for moving intelligently.  Pilates has changed my life for the better, it reconnects the mind with the body and is a mindful  practice for me.

     I am currently studying with Eric Franklin in Paris, learning about biomechanics which I have found very useful  in my pilates practice.  

    I am very interested in movement and seem to find myself on courses quite regularly. Apart from the above, I am very much interested in Acting and have a masters in acting for film, I sing Sinatra and Dean Martin songs in a nursing home once a week, I enjoy playing guitar and I love to travel.