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Pilates by the Green

Special Offers

Loyalty Bonus

It’s important to recognise loyalty and commitment, so for every 30 lessons taken you we will receive an extra lesson.

Children's Classes

We are pioneering children's classes in the studio. From Sept 2012 we will be introducing machine classes specifically for children. The aim is to combat many of the horrible postural habits young children develop so they don't have ongoing problems later in life. The idea will be to teach a ‘lighter’ version of pilates. The exercises will be the same but the technical information will be reduced so that it’s more accessible to children. We have been trialling the classes earlier this year and have had some good feedback, and a chance to fine-tune our teaching to suit children.


Classes will be for 55mins and for ages 11 upwards. The classes will be the same format as the adult classes i.e half mat and half machine. The cost will be about £120 per half-term.

Refer a Friend

Receive a free lesson every time a friend or member of the family, upon your recommendation, signs up for a block of lessons.

Family Discount

We offer a discount of between 15% to 20% on our block payment options when this is more than one of your family coming to the studio.

Afternoon Rate

We offer a discounted rate between the hours of 2pm and 5pm. The discount is between 15% to 20% of our standard block payment options.

December Madness

Have you been with us for 5 years continuously?

Well then your regular classes during the month of December are absolutely free.